3X Weight Loss Program

How to Lose 3X More Weight (Naturally)
Without Depriving Yourself or Spending Your Life In the Gym!

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Lose 3X More Weight

without exercise, diet pills or starving!

My Personal Transformation:

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, you know how defeating it is to feel uncomfortable in your own skin.How miserable it feels when you go to look for something to wear and nothing looks good on you. You try on outfit after outfit just to end up settling for the same old “comfy” black pants and that trusty shaw that covers everything up.

You know what it’s like to constantly obsess over the latest diet and what you should eat to lose weight.

You also probably know what it’s like to feel guilty about having that piece of pizza or chocolate cupcake at the party, or skipping yet another workout because you are too tired after work, “the diet starts Monday”, you tell yourself.

If this sounds like you, trust me, I can relate.

I struggled to get my body back after having kids and the things that I did in the past to lose weight (watching what I ate and exercising) did not work for me anymore.

I mean sure, I could lose a couple pounds but it wasn't long before I just gained the weight right back. I felt like I was constantly taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, never really getting anywhere.

Between working a full time job, caring for my kids and husband and all the other things I had to do around the house, I didn't have time to go to the gym.

Let’s just say when it came to snacking or cravings (like that dark chocolate bar after dinner), I was seriously lacking in the self-discipline department.

I was really frustrated because there was so much conflicting information out there about weight loss and I felt so overwhelmed, should I eat fat or not eat fat, count calories or not count calories, lift weights or do cardio?

Because of all the confusing dieting advice and not knowing where to turn or what diet to do next, I struggled with consistency and couldn’t commit to anything long enough to make anything work...

This approach of yo-yo dieting not only ruined my metabolism by my self-confidence in myself as well.

Deep down I knew I needed to quit looking for a quick fix and just get healthy but I kept making excuses for being overweight and blamed my poor lifestyle on stress and not having enough time.

At the age of 35 and 30 pounds overweight, I realized I’m not going to get any younger; I had to really face where I was headed and how I wanted my future to look.

And to be honest, it scared me.

I didn’t want to be the kind of mom who felt self-conscious going to the pool with my kids, or not feeling sexy enough in front of my husband, I didn't want to feel tired all the time and miss out on doing fun things in life.

When I read a statistic that over 64% of women are either overweight or obese, and that obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death, I realized I wasn’t alone.

So, I became a certified fitness and nutrition specialist and dedicated a huge part of my life to developing A Healthy Lifestyle Program for women that takes you from being overwhelmed, frustrated and hopeless to completely mastering your health and your body for good.

It’s called 3X Weight Loss For Women.

3X Weight Loss has nothing to do with crazy diets or insane boot camp exercise routines.

Instead it focuses on healing your body from the inside out and resetting your body's natural metabolism, so you can reach and maintain your ideal, healthy body weight even after you finish the program.

Laura Sales

Real Food. Real Women. Real Results!

We know 3X Weight Loss works because busy women just like you have used it for 60 days with amazing results! With fat burning recipes and realistic meal plans you will be thrilled with what you can accomplish in just 60 days, even without exercise!

Look What 3X Weight Loss Did for These Women!

If women just like you can do it, you can do it too!

Eat delicious meals that melt fat 24/7!
No More Feeling Hungry! No More Cravings!
Lose the Weight, get healthy & feel great!


With 3X Weight Loss For Women there is:

You'll eat delicious fat burning foods that your body was designed to eat that keep you full and satisfied so that you don't ever feel hungry or have cravings for junk food.

Every ingredient and food on this program has a specific purpose in increasing your metabolism and reducing hunger & cravings.

I've hand selected the exact foods and ingredients that help you burn fat fast so that you can enjoy losing weight.

With 3X Weight Loss For Women you’ll:

Get Hundreds of Fat Burning Recipes Like These...


With 3X Weight Loss For Women there is:

You'll eat delicious fat burning foods that your body was designed to eat that keep you full and satisfied so that you don't ever feel hungry or have cravings for junk food.

Every ingredient and food on this program has a specific purpose in increasing your metabolism and reducing hunger & cravings.

I've hand selected the exact foods and ingredients that help you burn fat fast so that you can enjoy losing weight.

With 3X Weight Loss For Women you’ll:

Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach!

With 3X Weight Loss For Women you will get your own personal weight loss coach with a self-paced video program where Laura Sales, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Founder of 3X Weight Loss walks you step-by-step through your entire weight loss journey.

This is how you lose weight and keep it off for good! No more wondering what to do or guessing if you are doing everything right. Laura Sales is with you every step of the way!

3X Weight Loss Trainings

See what Grace says about the coaching videos! 

"Not only do I know about this stuff now (which I thought I did before) but I have a new passion for it now." Grace

Coach Cathy, RN Said This Was The Best Weight Loss Education She Has Ever Had! 

"Finally a system to help anyone become victorious over food...no longer a slave to food. With knowledge and WHY'S, one is able to be set free from cravings and habits that put them on the slippery slope of being overweight, perhaps obese. Eight weeks would have passed regardless...yet I drew a line in the sand and said "NO MORE" living life with health issues and low self confidence."-Coach Cathy

Aimee, Personal Trainer for 20 Years Realized She Could No Longer Out-Exercise Her Bad Diet!

Aimee has been a personal trainer and group fitness coach for over 20 years. Despite exercising 3 hours per day every day she still couldn't lose the 20 pounds of extra fat that she gained over the years.

She thought that the amount of exercising she was doing entitled her to eat whatever she wanted but soon found out after starting the 3X Weight Loss Program that she was seriously nutrient deficient.

After learning about the right foods to eat she was able to get her body back in balance by giving it the right nutrition and she not only lost the 20 pounds of body fat but has kept if off.

Kristine Battled Her Weight For 18 Years Until Finding 3X Weight Loss.
She lost 40 Pounds in 16 Weeks!

Kristine battled her weight for 18 years. After trying everything from the cabbage soup diet to Jenny Kraig she almost gave up hope. She found the 3X Weight Loss program and gave it a shot, she ended up losing 40 pounds in just 16 weeks and she has kept it off for good!

"I hit the 5 week mark and am down 25 pounds!
This really has been a life changing process!"

- Andrea Neilsen

That's not all. You'll also immediately receive these QUICK START POWER PDF'S




Look and feel amazing in just 15 minutes per day!

In just 15 minutes per day you'll learn how to retrain healthy eating habits, lose the cravings and gain control of your health and weight once and for all.

3X weight loss isn't another diet, it’s a lifestyle and the best part is that it will make your life easier with this all-inclusive DONE-FOR-YOU Weight Loss Program!

* Learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle.

* Save hours per week on cooking in the kitchen.

* Save hundreds of dollars per month at the grocery store.

With 3X Weight Loss For Women you can be the healthiest version of you in just 15 minutes per day!

In one month I have lost 22 pounds and over 20 inches! I love this healthy eating for life plan!

- Donna Du Beau

Weight Loss Support & Motivation

The 3X Weight Loss For Women program includes an invitation to the private Facebook group where you will be with hundreds of women, just like you, all working towards their weight loss goals.

The best part: With access to the 3X Weight Loss For Women Facebook group you will get even more recipes ideas and tips for incorporating a healthy lifestyle. The possibilities of losing weight and getting healthy are endless!

* You’ll never get bored or feel alone.

* Real women cheering you on!

* Ask questions, share tips and successes!

* Get inspired and motivated by others results!

Hundreds of women are waiting to help & support you...

Inside the private Facebook Group!

Andrea Nielsen Lost 76 Pounds in Just 7 Months!

Julie Lost 60 Pounds In Only 18 Weeks!

Julie has struggled with her weight her whole life. In fact, she did her first diet when she was only 10 years old. She is so relieved that she finally found a healthy lifesytle program she could stick to. She has lost 60 pounds so far and is on her way to her goal!

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Without Exercise, Diet Pills or Starving!

Video Coaching Program:

* Step-by-Step guidance by Laura Sales

* Daily Coaching Videos

* Will Power & Self Discipline Training

* Nutritional Counseling

Quick Start PDF’s:

* Quick Start Guide To Rapid Fat Loss

* Eating Healthy on a Budget Meal Plan

* 4 Week Dinner Plan

* Recipes & Shopping Lists

Fat Burning Recipes:

* Hundreds of delicious fat burning recipes

* Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks recipes

* Vegetarian and Vegan Options

* The Healthiest Meals for weight loss

Support Group:

* Never get bored or feel alone

* Motivation & Support from Hundreds of women just like you

* Tips and ideas for recipes and healthy living

* 60 Day Challenges and Prizes

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ONLY $197.... 50% OFF 
$97 One-Time Payment