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Fat Burning Food Guide – What To Eat To Lose Weight Fast!

I remember when I was trying to lose the 50 pounds that I had gained during my pregnancy, I was so overwhelmed with all the contradicting information out there about what to do to get results and everything I tried was so complicated and I just couldn’t keep up with all the complex methods of dieting.

I had my personal breakthrough when after doing a ton of research I realized that the single most important thing to focus on, was the type of food that I put into my body.

When I learned that there were certain foods that literally trigger the body to store fat and there are other certain foods that allow it burn fat, it just became really clear to me that I didn’t have to count calories, starve myself or do tons of exercise to lose weight, I just needed to know the right foods to eat to lose weight.

In this blog post I am going to explain to you what to eat to lose weight fast without having to do another crazy diet or exercise program.

Sound good?

Ok so here we go.


First things first – You’ll need the Full List of Fat Burning Foods!

Good thing for you, with every blog post, I equip you with a FREE resource that you can download and immediately implement and start seeing results.

This week, I put together The 3X Fat Burning Food Guide – complete with a shopping list so that you’ll know exactly what to buy at the grocery store. 

Just simply print it out, follow along with the video and watch the fat starting melting away in as little as one week!



There is something I call the “Fat Burning Food Effect” and it simply means that if you eat certain foods your body will literally turn into a fat burning machine where it starts to burn body fat for energy.

The types of food to eat to lose weight are “Fat Burning Foods” which include:

  • Moderate Protein
  • Tons of Vegetables
  • Adequate Healthy Fats
  • Healthy Carbs

It’s very important that you have each of these types of food with every meal so that you get the proper nutrition that your body needs to feel full and satiated throughout the day,

Fat burning foods send the right signals to your brain that tell it to turn off your hunger hormones (which is the control center for cravings) and to turn on your fat burning switch.

This will transitions your body over from storing fat into burning fat, which is what you obviously want if you’re trying to lose weight.

Now it’s vital that you know the difference between fat storing foods and fat burning foods.

This can be very tricky to figure out on your own because there are many foods that are considered “healthy” that are actually fat storing foods- meaning they trigger your body to store fat.

So having this information could mean the difference between easily losing weight and getting the results you want and failing and never getting anywhere.


Let’s start with protein–  Natural sources of protein like beef, salmon, shellfish, chicken, turkey, pork are all great options. 

FAT BURNING TIP: I would not eat soy protein because it confuses the body with the fat storing hormone estrogen nor would I have whey protein because it’s so highly processed and raises blood sugar levels which stimulates the fat storing hormone insulin.

Next is eat a TON of Vegetables.

You can (and should) enjoy as many non-starchy vegetables as you want.

If you eat enough vegetables with every meal you will NOT feel hungry all day because of the amount of fiber that you will be consuming.

FAT BURNING TIP: A big mistake a see people make is that they only put a little tiny serving of vegetables with their meals and they are constantly hungry throughout the day and end up over doing it on snacking and binge eating later on.

Next…Let’s talk about Healthy Fats.

Healthy fats are ESSENTIAL to burning fat.

Your hunger hormones are largely regulated by adequate intake of healthy fats, which is why eating fat keeps you fuller longer.

So start including things like nuts, seeds, olives and avocados to your meals.

Also you want to make sure you are using coconut oil when you cook.

FAT BURNING TIP: Too many people who are trying to lose weight are afraid of eating fat.
Not eating enough healthy fats is what makes you feel like you are starving and causes you to have constant cravings.

So eat your healthy fats!

And then there are Healthy Carbs.

The best type of healthy carbs come from vegetable sources.

You do not need to eat wheat or flour based products to get your source of carbs.

If you stick to vegetables for your daily carb intake the fat will literally just fall off of you so quickly.

Congratulations, you now know more about nutrition than 99% of the population.

If you implement this into your life you will be stunned at your results and will shock your friends and family when the next time they see you you’ve effortlessly dropped 10 pounds or more using this information!

I hope this helped you and don’t forget to download the 3X Fat Burning Food Guide & Shopping list!

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