The Real Reason For Being Overweight

The Real Reason For Being Overweight

Why Am I Fat? The REAL Reason For Being Overweight

If you are currently struggling to lose weight, you may think you have a motivation or willpower problem.

Maybe you even think there is something wrong with your body but that is simply not the case.

Just so you know, lack of results has nothing to do with willpower, motivation, counting calories, or exercise.

After working with thousands of clients, I’ve found that low motivation, lack of willpower, and stubborn body fat are just symptoms of a much greater problem. One that’s hard to see (the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (the good news).

No one is going to be able to stay on a program that isn’t working.  Furthermore, there is no amount of motivation or willpower that can overcome the body’s powerful built-in survival mechanisms for cravings and hunger.

When you go on a diet, your body immediately starts working against you. It doesn’t know or care about weight loss. It only knows about survival, as that’s its number one priority. The body will not give up fat and will continue to make it as long as it thinks it is being threatened.

Even if you had all the ambition, motivation, and willpower in the world. You can try starvation diets and do rigorous exercise programs.  Have surgery, staple your stomach to make it smaller, or suck the fat out of your thighs with a vacuum. Heck, you can even inject yourself with hormones or take all sorts of drugs, stimulants, and synthetic vitamins.

You can fight your body tooth and nail to lose weight, but it will always win. And as long as you are addressing the symptom, weight, this problem is guaranteed to come back no matter what you try.

I like to use the analogy of your car needing a repair. When the check engine light appears on the dashboard, most of us think, “Uh-oh. Something is wrong. I’ve got to make an appointment to take my car in for a repair.” Sometimes, we even think that we can procrastinate a little bit and not call right away. We think that if there was something really wrong with the car, it wouldn’t start, or we would see smoke coming out from under the hood. But nevertheless, the check engine light is our early warning sign that something needs our attention.

What if we popped open the hood, took out a pair of pliers, cut the wire to the check engine light and said, “This is fixed”. Do you think that that would really solve the issue with your car? Or do you think not handling the reason the light came on in the first place would cause it to get worse and even lead to other, more severe problems down the road?

Attempting to lose weight by counting calories, doing excessive exercise, taking appetite suppressants, getting surgery, or by taking injections is like cutting a wire to the check engine signal.

Being overweight a sign of deeper underlying issue in the body. It’s usually due to hormonal imbalances that result from too much stress, not enough sleep, too little nutrients, wrong types of exercise, wrong types of food and toxic overload.

The body is storing fat for a reason, and you must address the root cause if you want to reach your ideal body weight and stay there.

Your Weight Loss Coach,

Laura Sales

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